Welcome to the AgilityInfo Singapore.

We offer the highest quality and most affordable document scanning services in Singapore. Please 'Contact Us' for a more comprehensive quote on the digitization package you required. For a reference on the typical costs we charge and turnaround time for our clients, please click on the 'Services' tab.

Our rates are highly competitive and is regarded to be highly affordable in Singapore. The reasons being:
1) We invest in the latest technology - for the same amount of time, we are able to digitize more documents
2) We design the most efficient processes - our processes are certified by lean and six sigma experts
3) Our staff are highly motivated as they are well-compensated and they have the right tools and equipment to do their job effectively

Our additional services include:
a) Physical Document Storage (Normal to High Security)
b) Physical Document Disposal (Shredding)
c) Scan and digitize your documents
    - Documents
    - Pictures
    - Namecards
    - Booklets
d) Access digital documents anywhere, anytime over the cloud
    (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive)
e) Easy search and retrieve the information for use
f) Translation Services
   (In-house experts for English, Chinese and Japanese)
g) Courses on effective information management

We collect scan documents from wherever you are in Singapore.